Understanding the mass air flow sensor

Getting the perfect air-fuel mixture let's your engine reach it's peak. And your car achieves this with the help of the mass air flow sensor (MAF).

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The MAF sensor feeds information to your vehicles onboard computer regarding air density and flow in the combustion chamber. This piece of information let's the onboard computer determine the correct air-fuel ratio. But, if your MAF sensor gets bad, you will not have this kind of benefit. Just how do you know when this part is already bad? Heres a short list:

  1. Checkengine light going on. When you see the check engine light lit up, haveyour MAF checked for defect or damage. Although this symptom can be causedby a lot of other factors, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Poorengine and fuel mileage performance. Since the MAF sensor directly affectsyour engines overall performance as well as your fuel consumption,keeping track of these two factors will help you determine your MAFsensors condition.
  3. Shuddering,stalling, knocking, and pinging. Although these symptoms are not solelycaused by a bad MAF sensor, watching out for them is still advised. Whenyou observe any or all of these signs, have your MAF sensor immediatelychecked.

If, upon observing these symptoms and finding out that your stock mass air flow sensor is already damaged, you should replace it quickly to prevent further performance problems, since they can affect your driving enjoyment by a great deal. Only by replacing your damaged MAF can you solve this issue at once.

Keep in mind to on settle for a high-quality replacement MAF sensor to guarantee reliable engine performance. It should meet or exceed OE specifications, and correctly determine air flow and density. These features guarantee a satisfactory engine performance for a hassle-free day-to-day driving.

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