How to Replace an Air Filter

The adequate flow of clean air to the engine leads to efficient cooling and combustion, which is why you always need to make sure your engine's air filter is clean. Since the air filter's task is to remove the dirt and particles in the air that go to the engine, those same things will accumulate on the filter over time. You will have to replace it eventually to make sure your engine gets the air it needs. Its a good thing, then, that it only takes several short steps to replace the air filter for the engine.

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The tools you need to help you out in this task are a screwdriver and a socket and ratchet set. Youll be using them for unfastening the screws or other fasteners (if any) that secure the cover of the air filter box or air filter housing. Prepare a hand vacuum cleaner if you have one, and a few pieces of cloth for cleaning out the air filter box.

You might have to purchase a new air filter. There are many filters available from retailers, and you can get universal replacements or custom filters designed to increase performance. Many custom manufacturers promise not only excellent filtration and protection, but also gains in terms of horsepower and acceleration. Of course, there are also washable air filters that only require a thorough cleaning before being usable again.

Start by opening your vehicle's hood. Make sure you have strong hood struts that can hold up the hood while you're working. Use a prop, whether factory or makeshift, in the absence of hood struts. This will ensure that the hood won't fall down on your head right in the middle of the task.

After you get the hood up, look for something called the air filter box, which of course contains the engine air filter. Remove the cover of the box by removing it's mounting screws or unfastening the clips, whichever is applicable to the air filter box of your ride.

Once you have the cover out of the way, you can now remove the old, clogged air filter. Take note of the old air filter's orientation so that you can install the new one in the same manner. If you position the new filter incorrectly, it won't be able to do it's task properly.

Before you install the new or cleaned-up air filter, you will need to get that filter box cleaned out. Get a vacuum to remove all the dirt and grime that have accumulated on the filter box then use a damp piece of cloth to wipe it clean. Avoid blowing compressed air into the filter box assembly, even though it might seem a quicker cleaning solution. Blowing the soot and dirt off is a health hazard, as it can get into your eyes or you can inhale it.

With the air filter box as good as new, you can now place the new air filter in. Refer to your notes on which direction the old air filter was facing.

Put the filter box cover back on and fasten it using the box's screws or clips. Make sure the fasteners are tight to ensure proper sealing of the air filter box. After all, you don't want contaminants, fluids, and more dirt getting into the box. Leaving the cover loose can lead to the premature need for a new filter.

The last step involves checking the air intake and vacuum hoses. See if the hose connections are secure. Also, make sure that there aren't any cracks that can let air escape and hinder engine performance.

Now you have a new air filter in your engine. When you go on your next drive, you might notice that the engine hums more smoothly and overall vehicle performance might be a notch higher. That's because the air filter doesn't choke on dirt and particles, allowing the proper amount of clean air to go into the engine for combustion and cooling. Make it a habit to check your engine air filter regularly and replace it when necessary. For future air filter replacement, you can always go back to this guide to help you out.

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