DIY Auto Repairs are Not That Hard

Changing the brakes

There is almost nothing worse than having car trouble when your budget is already as tight as it can get. Even if you have a little saved the last thing you want to do is use it to pay a mechanic an outrageous amount to fix your vehicle.

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My oldest daughter and her family decided to take it upon themselves to change a water pump in their van a couple of weeks ago. None of them know anything about fixing cars but they did not have extra money for the mechanic repairs. They we're sort of left with no other alternative but to fix it themselves.

So they set out on a mission to accomplish this task. We have all learned from their experience that fixing a minor mechanical failure is not that hard to do if you put your mind to it and here is what they did.

First, they had to determine why their vehicle was losing water. It could have been a few different reasons. So what they did was use the process of elimination.

She went to the internet and searched the web for her specific vehicle, make and model + year and the problem the vehicle was having. She was given a few different reason that her vehicle could be losing water. The best part about the internet is you can find out HOW to look for the possible problems in your vehicle. But that's not all, once they figured out it was probably the water pump, they even found a YOUTUBE video showing them step by step how to take the old water pump off and replace it with a new one.

It took a few hours but I'm happy to say they replaced the water pump and the vehicle is back to normal. Yesterday, they decided to tackle the job of changing the brakes. Also wanted to add that all of the grease they got on their shirts came completely off using the no-grate homemade liquid laundry detergent.

So when you think it isn't possible to do your own automobile repairs, it really is. If they can do it anyone can if you just put your mind to it.

Utilize the web. There is so much information out there in cyber space. You can find just about anything these days. Fixing your own vehicle breakdowns is not really as hard as you think.

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