Brake Rotor Replacement

Brake rotors or brake disc is a part of the disc brake system that is being gripped by the brake pads in the brake calipers. They are responsible for slowing the vehicle down. This is the reason why you should have your cars brake rotors in top condition. However, over time and use, the rotors may get broken or worn out. Although there are brake rotor repairs on machine shops, nothing replaces the peace of mind of having a new brake rotor. Almost fool-proof a new brake rotor ensures better stopping power for your car but how do you replace the cars rotors? Heres a step-by-step guide:

- Raise your cars. Before raising the cars though. Loosen up the lugs of the wheels of your car. Raise one side at a time and remove the wheels to have access to the rotors. After removing the wheels, have a jack stand under the car frame to keep it raised. After completely lifting one side, raise the other side doing the same steps.

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- Inspect the brake rotors. Make sure the rotors are free from gouges and scoring. If the rotors are scored or gouged, prepare replacing the rotors.

- Remove the brake fluid from the master cylinder. Using a syringe-like device, suck out half of the brake fluid.

- Compress the brake caliper. Using a C-clamp on your caliper, clamp one side of the clamp on either side of the caliper. Tighten the clamp so you can compress it enough to free up and remove the rotor.

- Remove the Caliper and Brake Pads. Remove the bolts that hold the caliper and pads in place will be necessary for you to remove these brake parts.

- Replace the rotor. After removing the caliper, pull the rotor straight towards you. Get the new rotor and slide it into place.

- Replace all the brake components you have removed and lower the car to the ground again.

Sounds complicated I know but you should go and try it. While this is challenging, it can also make you feel better and empowered. So go and check your cars brake rotors, so the next time someone asks about brake problems, you can proudly tell them: been there, done that.

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