Keeping fuses in check

The fuses are safety equipment in our car that make sure our cars electrical system is in check. When a particular electrical accessory of our car short-circuits or when it draws more than the usual amount of current is supposed to, the fuse sacrifices itself and opens up the circuit stopping possible circuit overload, overheating and fire. Regularly checking on your cars fuse makes sure that all electrical equipment will be working fine and will help you make sure that there is nothing wrong with your cars electrical system. Here are tips on how you can check the condition of your cars fuses.

- Locate the fuse boxes on your car. In some cars, there are separate fuse boxes in the cars engine compartment, some in the cars glove box and in the batterys positive terminal

- Open the fuse boxes and check on the fuses that are in good condition. Check if the metal wire or strip in the fuse has melted or if the plastic fuse casing shows signs of melting.

- Make sure that the ampere ratings on the fuses installed in the fuse box meets the requirement of the manufacturer. Most fuse boxes have diagrams of the name of the equipment the fuse is connected to as well as it's rating. Make sure that the ratings are the same as that indicated in the box.

- In times of emergency situations, borrow some fuses from accessories that you don't use much. Try getting the fuse from the interior light, or from the radio and the cigarette. Just make sure though that the fuse you are borrowing falls on the same rating as the one you're replacing.

Never compromise with your cars well being and your safety as well. Make sure that your cars fuses are all okay and that should keep you safe.

Posted in Automotive repair Post Date 05/01/2017






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