So your car needs repairs...

To be exact, a company called Title Bucks , who works with various mechanic shops nationwide are able to generate a loan for your car so you can pay for the repairs.

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You bring your can into the shop and it needs costly repairs, you can't afford to pay for it all at once. We have access to a company that will come out, inspect your car, appraise the car value, write up a contract for a title loan, and cut they you a check so you can pay for the repairs. Simple huh?

Many times the appraisal is far more than the repairs so you can opt for taking more money for the loan and pocket the difference, or just get an exact dollar amount, the choice is yours.

This is very helpful when you have a problem car that is breaking you but the cost of repair is far less than buying a new car.

I have spoken with Ray who is the owner of Jim & Deans Garage, and he said he wished this option had been around long ago. He could have saved many cars from having to be claimed by his shop for non-payment. This option would have been very helpful to people in stressed times to get them over the hump so they could get back on their feet.

In fact I was talking to Ray today when he said a person finally bought this old pink Cadillac that was a collector edition. I asked didn't you get that car by default; he said yes, the person couldn't pay the bill so I can to get a mechanics lien and claim title. He sold the car for $9000.00 to a lawyer who is going to fix it up.

J&D Garage does not like doing this practice at all, they would much rather get paid for the work done and have a satisfied client any day over mechanics liens.

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