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In order to ensure that your tires are long lasting and provide the best possible traction on the road, it is essential to have your wheels regularly balanced by a certified technician. Wheel balancing will ensure even wear on your tires and will also improve the handling and overall feel of your truck. Let's take a closer look how wheel balancing works:

Proper Mounting

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  • Proper wheel balancing begins with ensuring that the tires have been mounted properly around the rim. The tire needs to be centrally mounted on the tire. Otherwise, the tire treads will wear unevenly. Using a ring guide located on the outer rim of the wheel, the technician will check to see that the tires have been installed properly. If not, the technician will replace them in the correct position.

Dynamic Balancing

  • Once the tires have been properly mounted on the wheels, the technician will place the wheel onto a dynamic tire balancing machine. The dynamic balancing machine will spin the wheel until it reaches a speed of around 60 mph. Then, sensors inside the balancer will detect any imbalance in the rotation of the wheel. A computer printout will tell the technician where weights need to be placed inside the wheel to even out it's rotation.

System Inspection

  • Once your wheels have all been balanced, the technician can check the rest of your braking and hub system to ensure that they are also properly balanced. Typically, your brakes should remain balanced for the duration of their lifespan. Sometimes, the balancing system in your brakes can collect debris or fall off, which will send your wheels out of alignment. If there are any parts of your braking system that are misaligned, the technician will rebalance them.

To schedule your next wheel balancing procedure, contact the expert technicians in your area to balance your wheels, rotate or replace your tires, and provide you with a range of other services for your commercial on-highway truck.

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