DIY car engine tuning.

Are you happy with the way your car is performing? Are you really, really happy with the way your car is performing? Do you wish you could squeeze a little more horses in your cars engines? Imagine the fun and the fuel savings it could give you. Wouldnt it be nice to have your cars tuned the way you'd want them to perform?

Some of us are that eager to have our cars perform better than they usually do. They modify various engine parts and even spend thousands of dollars just to attain that much power. But we don't really get to use all of those horses in our daily drive? If all you want is additional fun factor on your ride, all you need is a power programmer.

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Our cars are controlled by Engine Control Modules. ECMs are computers that are responsible for monitoring the engine, determining the right air-fuel mixture needed to ensure optimum performance for our cars. These are programmed to either run efficiently, maximum performance or a balance or both. Power programmers help you tweak your cars ECM to manipulate the way it supplies air and fuel, even the way your cars electronic automatic transmission shifts up or down.

With a power programmer wired to your cars ECM, you'll be able to adjust the ECMs program that changes the quality of air and fuel mixture, the way the spark plugs are fired, the time where the variable valve timing control is activated and how your cars automatic transmission changes gears, even to the quality of fuel that's best to use on your car. All you have to do is wire your power programmer to your cars ECM, answer a series of yes or no questions and let it alter your cars ECM program.


Tuning up your car is easy. All you have to know is have the right tools and right information in using them.

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